Analytic Essay


Writing Project #2 (250 points) – Analytic Essay over an aspect of a specific film or
film genre (5-7 pages)
For this writing project, you will examine an aspect of a specific film or film genre, which
we have examined in this course in a thesis-driven analysis essay (5-7 pages) that will
incorporate at least 1 secondary source. You may choose to examine a particular aspect of
one of the films or you may choose to examine something that runs through multiple films.

12 pt times new roman double space MLA format


This is the aspect of the film the paper should be on
capitalist notion is definitely worth exploring. You can see how a number of the characters behaves and is rewards and punished in the attempts to gain wealth and materials. In some ways, at least early on, Henry is a more charitable capitalist. He tips big at the club and spreads the wealth. Compare that to Jimmy and his big robbery. He makes a big score and then makes sure to keep it all to himself. Jimmy is acting like the 1%. So lots of examples and angles to work through here.