Analyze and Compare the theme of MARGINALITY in 2 of the following films:Le Quai des Brumes, Les 400 coups, A bout de souffle and La Haine.


choose two of French films above.
Main ideas may include:
Poetic realism (Le quai des brumes)
New Wave (Les 400 coups, About de souffle)
Post1968 French society, La banlieue(La Haine)
-The vadality of thesis, MAIN IDEA will be assessed on)
-The accuracy of analysis/comparison, CANNOT BE GENERAL,DETAILED COMPARISON between two films, RESEARCH IN HISTORY.
-Ability to express PERSONAL VIEWS illustrated with relevant examples and research. (own feeling, perception, sensitivity, argumentation etc)
For the 2 films:
-details on the FILM TECHNIQUE POINTS used in the film, give examples.
Don’t forget talk through the theme of MAGINALITY as it is the topic of the essay.