This paper MUST be 25 sentences or more. Thank you!




  • Your school has decided to make itself known to the world by having the best long-distance track team on the planet.  You have been asked by the athletic department to go out, find, and recruit these world-class runners.  Your budget only allows you to go to one foreign country in a region.  Where would you go?  Before you answer, think about what environmental factors would these groups have?  Where would they live, by the sea for the fresh air or in the mountains for the cool temperatures?  Are there cultural factors that could influence a group’s ability to run long distance?  Is there such a thing as a “runners body?”
  • List your ideas and then take a look at the following onlinenews article


The country does not have to be Kenya, but do provide the appropriate sources no matter which country you may choose.




  • Choose a geographic region and cite web linksthat validate your decision that your region has the best runners.
  • Write a 25-sentence essaythat answers the following questions:      
  • What environmental factors contribute to your runner’s ability to run fast?
  • What cultural factors influence your runners ability to run long distance?  Is there such a thing as a “runners body?”