Applications in Aviation/Aerospace Law (Essay Questions)


Pick four out of five of the following topics and prepare a 1.5 page, double spaced, essay response and return to me.
Your response is due no later than Friday (9.20)
Each question (except the extra credit) is worth 33.3 points.
1) Describe administrative law procedures that apply to FAA rulemaking, enforcement and medical certification, including NTSB jurisdiction and judicial review.
2) Explain the principals of civil liability for negligence and strict liability for aviation accidents and prudent risk management practices to limit liability exposure to individuals and companies.
3) Describe the appropriate insurance coverage for the following aviation activity: a) flight instructor, b) full service FBO operator, i.e., maintenance, fueling, sales, hanger-keeper, etc., and c) airport operator or owner.
4) You are an independent certified FAA mechanic who works at various general aviation airports in your community. You hate paper work but love your freedom and working on aircraft. Explain how you could organize your business (there is more than one possible correct answer, pleas describe just one) to minimize your personal liability for possible claims of negligence while maintaining reasonable flexibility.
5) Describe the steps you should consider if you have received a notice from the FAA certificate is subject to suspension or revocation as a result of various FAR violations and when you should consider hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to assist you.