. Applied Chaos Report


Quantitative Business Analysis (business calculus)
(E-text) Calculus for Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences,
11th Ed., Laurence D. Hoffmann and Gerald L. Bradley, ISBN: 978-0-07-353238-7
Chaos, A Very Short Introduction, Leonard Smith, ISBN 978-0-19-285378-3
Writing Criteria for the Applied Chaos Report Format:
1.Third person (no I, me, we, etc.).
2.5-6 double spaced pages, with normal margins (1 inch or so), 12 pitch Times New Roman font.
3.No abstract required.
4.Number pages, APA format
5.Cover page required, APA format
1.Provide a 1 page overview of chaos as covered in the required reading.
2.After reflecting on how chaos changes a student’s view of business, the student will pick at least 5 principles from the required chaos book (or other chaos references that the student considers the most important). Then, in detail, explain how they would use each of those mathematical principles in a business situation (real or fictitious).
3.Be specific, not general when explaining the application of each of the 5-8 principles, providing enough detail to show that the student understands the application of the mathematical principle to real life.
4.This is not a high school book report!