Argument Research Essay

The argument/persuasive essay utilizes logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another idea and attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. The essay must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence.

Learning Outcomes: Students will employ prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to communicate their ideas; support a focused thesis statement with adequate description; employ collegiate voice and tone; and engage in inquiry based research using MLA documentation; and demonstrate critical thinking

Assignment:Write an argument/persuasiveessay on one of the following issues. Write for a professional educated audience that is on the fence about the chosen topic or issue.The essay must be 4-5 pages in length (excluding the WorksCited page), which means 4 full pages with writing on the 5th page. This essay counts as a double grade and measures your meeting the outcomes for the course. Farming and GMOs Distracted Driving Plastic Pollution Gendercide Bullying Invasive Species
Cybersecurity Violence/Crime Domestic Use of Drones in US
Breed Bans for Dogs Human/Organ Trafficking Chemical/Biological Weapons

1. Chose a controversial issue and use compelling evidence to persuade your reader: facts, statistics, authoritative opinion, expert testimony, and examples.
2. Use third person, objective point of view.
a. Use3-5 scholarly sources of information that supports and opposes your position. Use sources properly to support your argument rather than pulling random quotes from sources in an attempt to meet research requirements.
b. Integrate both quotations and summaries, parenthetically cited, into the flow of your writing. Avoid “dropped” quotations and block quotations.
c. Include an outline and aWorksCited pageusing MLA format

1. Use a reasonable, professional, and trustworthy tone.
2. Structure your essay by presenting solid evidence to prove your argument is valid.
a. Introduction– 7-10 sentences that engage your reader’s attention and summarize the
issue/problem. State your position in a clear, concise thesis statement as follows:
While the government needs to control immigration, controls should be flexible enough to admit people who can make valuable contributions to our society.
b. Body paragraphs– 10-20 sentences thatinclude a focused topic sentence, fully developed sentences with extensive evidence and transitions for coherence. Use the research appropriately and cite all information taken from sources. Your body paragraphs must be set up as follows:
• First 3 body paragraphs – give reasons why the issue if reasonable and sound, and provide support by explaining evidence (facts, statistics, examples, expert opinion) and emotional appeals. Support the thesis.

• Refutation paragraph – choose 1-2 opposing viewpoints concerning the problem and present strong arguments against these viewpoints; refute these viewpoints with sound evidence. Find a weakness in the opponent’s viewpoint by questioning its accuracy and validity.
c. Conclusion(4-5 sentences) — highlight your point of view
3. Include an outline of your paper.
4. Create an interesting title.

1. Set first draft aside for a day to two before rereading and revising it.
2. Revise first draft. Provideenough detail and evidence to persuade the reader.
3. Focus on improving the overall effect of the argument. Is your essay unified?
4. Examine the introduction.
 Does it engage your reader and provide necessary background information on the issue?
 Does it clearly communicate your thesis, the central idea of the essay?
5. Examine each body paragraph.
 Is each paragraph fully developed and focused on one central point (topic sentence)?
 Have you included solid evidence and examples?
 Have you used effective transitions?
6. Examine conclusion. Is it effective?

Editing and Proofreading:
1. Does your essay contain any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics?
 Have you avoided misplaced and dangling modifiers?
 Have you avoided abstract words like nice, very, great, terrific, interesting, awesome, etc.?
 Are your sentences well-structured and developed? Are they varied in structure and length?
 Do you have any misspelled words?
 Do you have any punctuation errors?
2. Does you essay follow appropriate MLA guidelines?
3. Does your essay meet the minimum length requirement?