Argumentative essay

This of this as an opportunity to demonstrate what you know and how well you can synthesize information into a coherent and convincing argument.
Specific evidence & examples are important for context (Who, What, When, Where), use this information in order to get at deeper significance (So What?).
The question are purposely general in order to allow for different arguments, yet you need to develop a specific thesis to guide your essay. You are evaluated base on how well your support your opinion, not on your opinions themselves. Be sure to provide specific historical evidence to support your answer (e.g., name, dates, places, events).
Essay Prompt:
Motivations for Early British Settlement in North American Mainland Colonies
*Why were early English settlers willing to risk everything and cross the Atlantic in search of a new life in North America?
*How did their motives and experiences upon arrival vary?
*Answer these Questions by concerning especially on the settlements that began in the Chesapeake and northeast.