Aristotelian Ad Analysis


The Assignment:
Find a print advertisement or a print Public Service Announcement (PSA) in a magazine,
newspaper, or online. Analyze the ad for which Aristotelian appeals thecompany/ service
is using: ethos, pathos, and/or logos. Write an essay that explains how the appeal is
made. Youwill need to address the artwork, pictures, and text of the ad. Also identify
any logical fallacies you see. Finally, decide if this appeal is effective: does the argument
being made about the product or service make you want to use or buy it?

The Details:

This essay must be 3-4 pages, not including the ad itself. This paper is worth l_O points.
It is due on a at the beginning of class. You must attach your ad to your paper in order
to receive any credit.

The Criteria:

1. Grammar/Mechanics: Overall, the essay should be written with care and
consideration. It should not appear sloppy or feel rushed, with numerous, careless errors.
Recurrent grammatical. errors should be noted now and corrected in the future.

2. Picture/Artwork Analysis: Discuss the pictures and/or artwork included as part of
your ad or PSA. Consider what specifically is being depicted. Examine in detail how
those images make you feel or what they make you think about. How do you think the
advertisers expect you to react to those images?

3. Copy Analysis: Examine the text or copy in your ad or PSA. What are the advertisers
telling you in words about this product or service? Consider what and how the words
included as part of the ad are designed to make you feel or think about the product or
service in the ad.

4. Identification of Aristotelian Appeals: The core of your essay should address the
different types of classical appeals being made in your ad or PSA including: ethos,
pathos, and/or logos. There may be more than one appeal included; you should discuss all
the ones you see. Are these appeals made through the artwork, images, or text included in
the ad or all of the above?

5. Significance: The end result of all advertisements is financial, trying to convince you
to buy their product or service. Decide if the appeals in your ad or PSA are effective.
Would you use or buy this product or service? Identify any logical fallacies being made,
especially as they might impact your willingness to buy this product or service.

6. Formatting/Final Thoughts: I will be looking for what parts of the essay work well
and which parts could use a little more attention. I will also be checking for formatting
compliance. Please see the Essay Formatting Sheet for help with this.