1)first painting
2)second painting
by Organize your report into five paragraphs that provide the information
and details listed in paragraph number below. Please number your paragraphs 1-5
and we buy using the first link as the painting that we need to write about study in detail, and provide, in sentence form,
the facts: the name of the work, the artist, the date (or period if date is not specific), the
medium in which it is done, and approximate size.
anything beyond that, be sure to document your source(s) for this background material
with a citation in your report and a Works Cited listing at the end
2.Give a detailed description of the work. Present in words exactly what you see.
Assume the reader does not know the work and be very complete. What is the subject?
How is it composed (arranged)? Describe characters, setting (surroundings, location,
background, etc.), objects, colors, light/shadow, in other words, whatever is in the picture.
Note: do not “research” this part of your report; just describe what you see.
3.Consider and explain the context and meaning of the painting. That is, what is the
artist saying? Look for iconography and symbolism. What is the mood (feeling) it
projects? Are there social, political, moral, and/or religious implications? What might be
its relation to the time and place of its making? What do you believe was the purpose of
the work? These are very important points because they are the reason for the painting’s
creation, so you must study it and think about all these elements. The material on pages
xxviii-xxix in our textbook will be useful here, but if you research any information, be
sure to cite it properly. However, don’t shy away from making your own observations
and interpretations. This is not about arriving at any “correct” answer, rather taking the
time to consider these questions and form your own conclusions.
4.(and from the second link) which you see as sharing
similarities with the one you have been analyzing. Again, provide the name of it and the
artist, its date, and the page number it is on so the reader can find it easily. Then explain
how the two paintings are alike.
several things: the subject, the theme, the period from which it comes, the artistic style,
how the work is composed (arranged), iconography, symbolism, meanings, purposes, and
so on. Whatever the relationships you see, explain them in detail.
5.Describe your personal response to the Art and engages not only the eye,
but feelings and emotions and intellect as well. Your task here is to show in words how
this piece affected you. Why did you choose it in the first place? What did you like
about it? What was your aesthetic response to it? (Look up the term aesthetics so you
know exactly what you are describing.) What specifically stimulated your feelings about
it? Maybe the story it tells, or artistic style, or symbolic images, or meaning, just to
suggest a few possibilities. Perhaps your own life experiences or associations brought
memories that made you relate to it. Or does it speak to your life now, or does it take you
out of the here and now to another time and place? Whatever motivated your selection,
now is the chance to be subjective in your appraisal of the work.