Art and Fashion


A SIGNED Coversheet must be page one of your essay document
• Submit your document in MS WORD format (ensure it is unlocked so comments can be added)
• Title your document as follows e.g. BLOGGS Joe VIS18 Essay 1.doc
• Write the essay question at the top of the page on which you begin your assignment
• Number each page
• Font size 11 or 12 in Calibri or Arial. Image captions/citations can be smaller and single spaced
• Use 1.5 line spacing for body text and double spacing between paragraphs
• Paragraphs to be 5 – 10 sentences in length
• Use italics and no quote marks for titles of books, artworks, exhibitions, films and magazines
• Word count to not exceed the set length. This includes direct quotes and footnotes.
• No more than 10% of the total word count to be comprised of direct quotations.
• No text to be directly copied/pasted from any source (unless it is referenced as a direct quote)
• In-text citations must be included or assignment cannot be assessed
• At least one in-text citation to be included per paragraph
• In text citations to be in Curtin Chicago Author-date 16th edition referencing style as follows:
(Krauss 1993)
• Do not cite from Wikipedia or from unauthored websites in your essays.
• REFERENCE LIST and BIBLIOGRAPHY must be included or assignment cannot be assessed
• Relevant images are part of the assessment criteria and must be considered
• Include and refer to at least 4 relevant images
• Images can be approx. ¼ page in size and no larger than 1/3 of a page
• Present images with Figure #s, captions and correct referencing
• Save a copy of your completed assignment (as a back up) before submitting for assessment
• Check the uploaded assignment in the Drop Box to ensure your file is not corrupt
• Consult with your tutor if you are unsure of any of the above prior to submittingESSAY SUBMISSION CHECKLIST