Directions: This assignment requires that you visit a museum or an art gallery to view original works of art.
The Fresno Art Museum is in downtown Fresno and is the nearest museum. If you don’t have a car, talk with other students in this class and plan to carpool. It is probably best to visit the museum on a Saturday. You may visit other art museums or galleries to complete this assignment. Please call to check hours prior to making a visit to any museum or gallery as the hours can change.
Visiting on-line galleries/museums is expressly forbidden. If you submit a report about art found on-line, the assignment will receive ZERO points.
For a list of all galleries and museums in the Fresno area, visit are three places you can visit. There are many other galleries and studios around Fig Tree and Gallery 25 such as Corridor and the Bus Barn. Parking should not be a problem, but might cost a dollar or two.
Fresno Art Museum
Between McKinley and Clinton at Radio Park
Fresno Art Museum: 2233 North First Street
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone: 559-441-4221
Regular Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm
(Please note that the Museum may change these posted hours for special events. Please check this website before your visit or call 559-441-4221.)
$5 for Non-Members
Free for Members
Children under 5 years of age are free

The Fig Tree Gallery
644 Van Ness (& Mono) in downtown Fresno
Phone: (559) 485-0640
Gallery Hours: Call for hours of operation
Gallery 25
660 Van Ness (& Mono) in downtown Fresno
Phone: (559) 264-4092
Gallery Hours: Call for hours of operation.

For this report learners must reference concepts; information and vocabulary introduced and highlighted chapters 1-5 from our textbook: “Exploring Art a Global and Thematic Approach”
Failure to reference these chapters and the vocabulary and concepts found in chapters 1-5 report will result in a lowered, possibly failing grade.
Format: Body of report should be no less than three pages and no more than five pages in length and must be double-spaced and typewritten. It is important that college level academic writing skills are used. Please include a title page and a reference page. Make sure to carefully proof-read for grammar and spelling prior to making a final submission. Even if you believe that you are strong writer, have someone else read your final draft before turning in your report. Make sure you create a cover/title page with your name, date, name of artist as well as reference page.
The title/cover and reference pages are in addition to the three to five double spaced pages of the submission.
The Reedley College Online Writing Center will be happy to review submissions ensuring that errors are caught and corrected prior to making a final submission. I strongly suggest that you work with them because working with the Writing Center will ensure a good grade. Contact The Reedley College Online Writing Center and begin working with them well in advance of the assignment due date.
Choose one work of art and write two separate reviews for that work of art using two of the three dominant theories of art criticism. Submit in a single Microsoft word document.
Dominant theories of Modernist Criticisms are:
1. Formalist criticism: (p.88, 97)
2. Ideological: (p.97)
3. Psychoanalytic: (p.98)
4. Structuralism: (p.98)
Postmodern theories and philosophical positions:
1. Post-structuralism: (p.99)
2. Feminist criticism: (p.100)
Content and Composition: All reviews must include a discussion of content and composition. Information and definition of content and composition can be found on pages (6, 7, 88, 88, 90, 42-46, 88)
Write two separate reviews for one work of art referencing dominant theories of art criticism, vocabulary and concepts introduced in chapters 1-4 Hint: look at the bold face type in each chapter. Submit both reviews in a single Microsoft word document. Failure to reference the vocabulary and concepts introduced in chapters 1- 4 in reviews will severely impact grades.
You may earn up to 100 points for this assignment.
Reports must include the following information:
Cover / Title page: Your name and date due, name of artist, title of artwork, date when artwork was created, media used to create the art (i.e. painting, oil, water color, drawing, sculpture, etc.) Dimensions of artwork, image of artwork.
Documentation of your visit to be included with submission: This information can be placed on or after the reference page. A pic in front of or in gallery or museum would be great!
Date of your visit:
Name and address of museum or gallery: If copies of an artist statement or other relevant information are available, take a copy with you. It might be helpful when you write your museum report. If you can, take photos of the art so that you can reference them when writing. If you cannot get a photo while at the museum or gallery, look one up on the internet and cite the source. Submit images in with your report.
Proof of your visit must be submitted with report: This can be a photo of you in or in front of the museum or gallery, admission ticket, brochures or galley information or artist statements which can be scanned and submitted with your paper.
Bibliography/Resource/References Page: (Final page of submission)
If you quote or refer to any source, the source must be cited in your report. If you read any books or articles, those must also be cited on the sources cited/ reference page.
You must also cite any websites that you use for your research.
Be specific. Provide the complete URL (website address) and date accessed.
Cite using the MLA or APA formats: Use of any Wikipedia Website is expressly forbidden.