Art & architecture


answer questions must be composed of at least 3 to 7 well-organized and well-written sentences. If you reference any specific artwork(s) in your writing please make sure to identify the piece using full title and artist.1) Compare and contrast the impressionist painting impression: Sunrise, by Claude Monet 1872 with Vincent Van Gogh’s Post-impressionist work, The Starry Night 1889. How are two, so seemingly different and diverse, styles connected? Be sure to explore technique and subject when looking at these individual paintings.
2) How have artists since 1950 connected their artwork to popular culture? What does this say about contemporary popular culture? What does say about the art that uses popular culture? Make sure to site least three artworks (by title and artist) in your analysis.

3) The below image is The Spear Bearer by Polykleitos, c 450-440 BCE. Explain the connections between this classical Greek sculpture and Michealangelo’s David 1501, 1504.Why is the connection to antiquity so important to both the art and ideals of the High Renaissance?
4) How did the realist movement in art reflect the social and political concern of nineteenth-century Europe and the United States? Why was this art considered avant-grade at the time? Make sure to cite at least two artwork (by title and artist) in your analysis.
5) Using two specific examples (cited by title and artist), examine how Dada changed the form, content and concept of art.