Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Response to the “Jason Rhoades Installations, 1994 – 2006” ends May 21st At:Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles.
Try to be creative and active in your viewing. The written responses should be observational, done on site in the presence of the work. You can also continue to write about ideas that may percolate after you see the show. The response need not be a formal paper –  rather your observations, responses to either the larger installation, or specific works – moments, juxtapositions. You can zoom in or take a wide view, ask questions… Simply, creatively, just write about your encounters with and your perceptions of the work. It can be critical, or more experiential.

Take the time to read the accompanying writing throughout the exhibitions, – wall panels, press releases, essays I will post on our class website, so that you have a sense of the history and context the work was made in. This takes time. Plan to spend at least two hours in the museum shows, and read all accompanying texts, and watch the video work. You may start by writing a descriptive observation, but the idea is to go further and write a response – what interests you the most about the work? what questions, criticisms, ideas do you have about the work?

At least 500 words for each show…but if you meander further that’s fine too.