Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Choose one of the following themes for a presentation on your Week 4 content: Andy Warhol and Pop Art (focus on Warhol) Create a 10-sllde presentation (including a title and reference slide) on your selected theme that includes the following: 100-word speaker notes for each of your content slides that summarize the main points listed on the slide (you will have a minimum of 8 to 10 content slides which excludes the title and reference slides). A description and analysis of four to six artworks related to your selected theme (include an image of each artwork). A description of the subject of each artwork; what was the subject depicted by the artist? An examination of how this type of art developed; why did artists choose these subjects? To what social or cultural events were artists responding? A description of the materials, media, or techniques used by the artists; why did the artist use these materials or techniques? What is the overall efect of the artwork?