Art & History Foundation – Omnivore’s Dilemma


In The Omnivore?s Dilemma, Michael Pollan investigates three food systems in the United States, which he terms industrial, pastoral, and personal. All of the systems are flawed, according to Pollan, although each is flawed in different ways.
For this essay, develop an argument about one of the food systems Pollan discusses. Support your argument by doing a close reading of a specific passage. A close reading looks at what an author is saying and how s/he is saying it: word choice, tone, content, etc. When selecting a passage for the close reading, pick the example which best illustrates your argument.
As you develop your argument, consider whether you agree or disagree with Pollan (or agree with parts of his critique and disagree with other parts), whether you think Pollan?s examples are effective, whether you think Pollan overlooks something important in his critique, and so on. Note: these are only sample points to prompt your thinking. Do not march through your essay, addressing each in order.
Required length: 3-4 pages. That is, 3 *full* pages. Short or long essays will lose points.
Be sure that you are making your own argument about Omnivore?s Dilemma. ?Pollan thinks that the presence of corn throughout the food system is a problem? is not an argument, and it?s not your argument. It?s a very brief description of Pollan?s argument. The thesis needs to be YOUR view of Pollan?s book; it must INTERPRET something in the text, not simply TELL us what the text says.
You will need to quote the text as part of your analysis, but take care not to over-depend on the quotations. Choose a few short quotes to support your point; include no more than one block quotation (see MLA Guidelines on Purdue OWL if you?re not sure when a quotation?s length requires the block quotation format).
This essay is to be entirely your own analysis. Do not quote outside sources.
Please don’t give me a summary of the book. I need a thesis that argues if I agree or disagree, whether the author is effective or ineffective etc. about pollan’s argument using one of the three sections he talks about (industrial, pastoral, personal-forest). the thesis should be something along the lines of through pollan’s successful emphasis on the urgency of the problem….or despite the revolting nature of our industrial food system…unless society starts changing the way they eat and start caring about where their food originates the food system will eventually collapse.