Art Movements

Throughout the “long” nineteenth century – roughly, from the French Revolution through the beginning of World War I, artists engaged intimately with developments in politics, religion, industry, race and gender relations, and popular culture.
Write a three (3) paragraph minimum response addressing the following questions then reply to two classmate’s postings in one paragraph responses.(reaction or what you agree with and so on.)
• Which artists and works of art – or entire styles/movements – best exemplify this trend of social commentary and/or documentation?
• How was art “used” to illuminate or, in some cases, criticize certain aspects of contemporary life?
• Did different preoccupations come with different eras?
• Were certain styles or genres more amenable to such an enterprise?
Here are some supplementary readings/resources that could help you answering the questions above.
• (Art & French Revolution)
• (Art & Enlightenment)
• (Realism)
• (Impressionism: Art & Modernity)
• (Early Documentary Photography)
• (Art & Society in the New American Republic)
• (Matthew Brady’s Civil War)
• (Ashcan School/Social Realism)
• (Dada and WWI)