Article review

How to Write the Article Review

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Cite the Article: Author: Date, Title, Journal, Volume and No, Pages (APA Style).


Scruton, R. (1996). The eclipse of listening. The New Criterion, 15(30), 5-13.

Hubel, D. H. & Wiesel, T. N. (1979). Brain mechanisms of vision. Scientific American, 241(3), 150-164

Summarize the highlights of the article. Use your own words.

2.1. Objective/hypothesis

2.2. Method of data collection

2.3. Findings

Explain the significance of the article:

3.1. Does it fill a void in the existing literature?

3.2. Does it contain breakthrough information?

3.3. Will it cause others in the field to revise their ideas about the subject?

Evaluation of the article:

4.1. Is it well written?

4.2. Is it Clear?

4.3. Is the information complete?

4.4. Is more research needed?

Explain how the article relates to the content of the course.