Article Summary

Research Question: What was the purpose of the study?
Theoretical or Conceptual Framework: Describe the theory and hypotheses that guided the research study.
Method: Describe the process used to conduct the study, and any constraints which the method imposed on interpreting the results
Results: What did the study find and how do these findings compare with others researching similar issues? (A quick review of papers that cited the article you are review should provide answers to this question — HINT: Search for the article in Google Scholar ( and then click on the “Cited by” link to find other articles where the PDF files are available. Then scan the article for reference to the article you are reviewing to see whether the article supports or questions the results.
Critique and Commentary: Discuss how the article contributes to our understanding of the claim (argument) made in the textbook that you felt was tested by this study.
Conclusion: Summarize the “take-away” from the article — what should the class remember about this topic from the perspective of the reviewed article.
References: List in appropriate form the references you cite either from the paper or from your independent research which support your summary and review.