ASA American Sociological Association citation style

Discuss the definition of deviance as related to cultural variation. Give examples of how certain acts in the United States are considered deviant by other cultures, and conversely what acts we might consider deviant, even though they are considered normal in other cultures. **** AT A MINIMUM, your Discussion Board posting will consist of 200 words (this does not include your bibliographic reference at the bottom). Your posting must have one (1) reference from your text* (this reference describes the connection between Schaefer, the text’s author, and the assignment; and one (1) legitimate reference from the web** (this reference adds some information that you did not get from your text. Both should be made in American Sociological Association (ASA) style. For help in using ASA citation style, see ASA Citation Guide. ( )Links to an external site. When you cite the two references, put them at the bottom of your post, as a bibliographic reference, and in the body of your text (called: “in-text” citation). You must make it clear to me exactly where in the text of your posting you used the reference to which you refer at the bottom!
*Example: Bibliography will always read: Schaefer, Richard T. 2011. Sociology Matters. 3rd edition, Boston: McGraw-Hill.
*Example: Schaefer in-text citation will always read: (Schaefer 2011: 16-18)
**Example: Internet Bibliography: Smith, Herman W. and Takako Nomi. 2000. “Is Amae the Key to Understanding Japanese Culture?” Electronic Journal of Sociology 5:1. Retrieved May 5, 2000. ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).
**Example: Internet in-text citation will always read:
(Smith & Nomi 2000) plus a page number if one is available, i.e., (Smith & Nomi 2000: 26)