Assessing Population Health Needs


Assessment 2
Written Essay: Health Needs
The population in Newham is rising and is projected to continue to rise significantly. It has a very young and highly diverse population, and will benefit from a demographic dividend over the next decade, with high proportions of working age individuals and lower proportions of older and younger dependents. In the longer term the working age population will become older to 2031, though the overall population profile should still be younger than the national average. It is a highly deprived borough with especially high rates of deprivation affecting children and older people. Poverty in the borough is high and life expectancy is lower than the London average.
Source: Local economic assessment 2010-2027
Using the information in the above summary identify the potential health challenges faced within the borough. Create a written report that examines the profile of Newham residents in greater detail to understand the demographic challenges and opportunities for delivering sustainable economic growth. You must consider issues of deprivation, health and well being.
The report must specifically, highlight sections on and must show that you have reviewed existing health information literature (evidence based peer review journals only) Analyze the data to identify community health needs the following are sub-section that must be addressed in the report.
The following list sets out the headings to be used in this report. The report must be presented in a formal report template. Examples are readily available on the internet or you are free to make up your own as long as the sections are clearly headed and well structured.
Stage 1 ? Introduction
Stage 2 ? Background and context
Stage 3 ? Health and well-being needs
Stage 4 ? Current service provision
Stage 5 ? Analysis
Stage 6 ?recommendations
Abbreviations and glossary
Suggestions for literature search
Population density; ethnic diversity projections
Deprivation ? multiple deprivation and child poverty, poverty by ethnic group, age and intensity
Health – life expectancy and illness
The number of people potentially and actually affected by the problem
Prevalence of premature death or years of potential life lost:
Public concern
Economic burden to the community