Assessment #1 – Project Plan

Assessment task
Project Plan- Engaging with rural communities (1350) Due date:

In the current socio-political environment there is a decline in rural industries and many rural and regional communities are struggling to survive.

Part 1 (500 words)
Identify one of the rural and regional towns within Australia that have recently suffered industry closure, job losses and/or population decline. Examine how this might impact upon families, youth and older people, and social work practice in this context.

Part 2 (850 words)
Using the community development approach discuss how you would work with that community to address this issue.

The plan should include the following steps (These should be used as headings).
• Create a vision
• Assess the current situation
• Set goals
• Establish objectives
• Develop action plans
• Implementation of action plans
• Evaluation plan
Assessment criteria:

Part 1

You should be able to demonstrate your ability to critically analyse the social issues faced by the rural community in the context of socio- economic, cultural and political changes. This needs to be evidenced with research in this area.
Part 2
Demonstrate a sound knowledge of community development approach
Apply CD approach to work with the selected rural communities in order to address the identified issue (It should reflect in goals, objectives and action plans).
Demonstrate an understanding of rural practice

This assignment will be assessed using the marking criteria and standards as given in the feedback sheet and listed above.

Formatting requirements for this assignment are; size 12 Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing, text justified, pages numbered, margin 2.5cm. Minimum 8-10 references required; Harvard referencing conventions apply. Assignments that exceed the word limit (plus or minus 10%) are not acceptable. Markers will only mark to the word limit.Include the Word count below. Please do not attach a cover sheet and feedback sheet to your work while you upload your assignment. The Cover sheet is automatically generated and I will attach feedback sheet on return.
Assignment submission
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Students are allowed to resubmit if they have received F1 grade, however, they should negotiate a date for resubmission with the course coordinator within two days after receiving the grades.
Supplementary assessment will be available as per the guidelines of assessment policies and procedures Manual 2016.

Penalties for late submission
Extensions will be granted only if they are made at least three days prior to the submission date. Extensions will only be granted for medical reasons, bereavement and due to unforeseeable circumstances that hampered studies. An evidence of work completed so far along with application is must.
Late assignments that do not have approved extensions will incur 2% penalty mark for each day of late submission. Assessments submitted two weeks after the due dates will not be marked. Extensions will be granted through extension tab on course web page and no request will be accepted through emails.




ASSESSMENT : Essay 1,Project Plan- Engaging with rural communities
1350 WORDS, WORTH 30%, DUE DATE: 29.04.2016
Key criteria of this assessment Comment
Demonstrate critical understanding of social issues faced by the rural community and social work practice in a rural context, evidenced with research in this area (35%);

Demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of community development and apply it to address the identified issue. (35% )

Evidence of being researched broadly and skilfully from primary and secondary sources with appropriate Harvard style referencing (15%)

A well- structured plan thatintroduces and clearly states how the objectives will be achieved by applying community development approach. The writing style needs to be well set out, fluent, succinct, concise, precise and pleasure to read. It should be in compliance with formatting requirement. (15%)
Summary comment


The Graduate qualities being assessed by this assessment are indicated by an X:
X GQ1: operate effectively with and upon a body of knowledge x GQ5: are committed to ethical action and social responsibility
X GQ2: are prepared for lifelong learning X GQ6: communicate effectively
x GQ3: are effective problem solvers x GQ7: demonstrate an international perspective
x GQ4:can work both autonomously and collaboratively