Assessment 2 Marketing in digital world

Part A – Written or Oral Questions

1. Explain what is meant by each of the following

a. Earned media

b. Owned media

c. Paid media


2. What are the typical barriers that stop customers from proceeding to a purchase on a website?

3. Why is building customer trust an important component of monetizing your social media?

4. What methods can be used to ensure security?

5. List 5 metrics that could be used to track transactions.


Part B – Case Study

Penny and Hobo Fashion wishes to monetise its social media. They have asked you to manage this process.

1. What digital channel will you monetise and why will you use this?

2. What steps will you take to ensure customer trust?

3. What features will you use to ensure that customers are able to make transactions easily? Include security and authentication requirements in your answer.

4. How will you track points of sale?

5. What tools and technologies will you use?

6. How will you monitor performance?