Assessment Three: Digital workbook of weekly exercises: Ongoing sequential assessment activity


Expanded description:
These are simple, fun and logical. Each task (or tasks) should be around 400 words (or the
‘Equivalent’). Save each one on your computer and always back up your work.
Immediately prior to the due date students will be asked to select four of their tasks (your best Responses to the tasks, each 400 words + images) and organise them into 1 document, including a Complete Reference List. You should re-edit and tidy up your writing and referencing. Combine all four (and your Reference List) into one file and upload to the Cloud on/or before the due date.
Students are encouraged to incorporate digitality into this assessment (hyperlinks, images etc. – but all must be referenced!)
Evaluation Criteria:
• Ability to address and academically complete each submitted task;
• Clear, correct use of relevant scholarly concepts, terms and theory linked to the material the
student is examining, with terms precisely identified and referenced using the Harvard style.
You do not have to define or explain the terms or concepts or theories you use; but you
must use them correctly and reference them (author date, page number);
• You MUST use a range of chapters from the TEXTBOOK when answering this question;
• Demonstration of further reading and research, using the Deakin Library & other Academic
• Clear, creative and coherent use of expression consistent with an academic style of writing;
• Use of own words, with clear use of expression (language) that is easy to understand.
from the textbook= This book:: Communication, Digital Media and Everyday Life by Tony Chalkley