Assignment 2: Analyzing a Major Issue

The option to improve your grade on this assignment up to a maximum of 20% with a rewrite applies only if the following requirements are met:
• Assignment 2 was submitted on time.
• Rewrite of Assignment 2 was submitted on time.
• All criteria were addressed in the first submission of the assignment.
• The improvement of 20% will depend on the professor’s evaluation, using the same criteria as for the first submission.
• The revised grade cannot exceed 94%.
Before revising the assignment, you should:
• Review the feedback from your professor.
The following word in bold are the professor feedback:
Great Work
– Make sure you are going into enough detail to answer the question/requirements and answering
all parts of the question.
– Make sure you are answering all parts to every question that was a part of the assignment
– Great incorporation of supporting evidence
Be careful, some of your passages could have qualified as plagiarism since you copied the originial author’s writing style and changes a few words.
• Review the criteria for Assignment 2 and make sure you have addressed the criteria thoroughly.
Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper (1,000 to 1,200 words) in which you:
1. Provide an introduction to the paper with a thesis statement.
2. Describe at least three (3) key historical events and / or legal decisions that make the issue a major or important one in the U.S.
3. Discuss at least three (3) social psychology concepts addressed in the course that are related to the issue.
4. Analyze at least three (3) challenges individuals and law enforcement agencies face with the issue.
5. Explain your agreement with at least three (3) statements by authors of the references cited.
6. Explain your disagreement with at least two (2) statements by authors of the references cited.
7. Recommend at least two (2) ways that individuals should address the issue to help improve social elements involved in the issue.
8. Suggest at least two (2) ways those in criminal justice (police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and / or judges) should address the issue.
9. Provide a conclusion to the paper that includes a reference to the thesis statement and contains a summary of the main points.
10. Provide at least three (3) external peer-reviewed references to support your paper.