Assignment 6: Inquiry Paper

Directions and rubric for the inquiry paper.


The paper should be in Times New Roman, 12 font, and double spaced. Consult APA, 6th edition for citing all references. If you quote over 5 words in a row you must put it in quotation marks followed by a reference. Submit your paper through the assignments link on Blackboard. This will send the paper through

1. Two points will be deducted for each error you make in your paper and on the reference page. Read all work carefully before submitting it to the professor. Corrections and resubmissions will not be allowed.

2. Address the following points in order in your paper:

a. Define Inquiry (textbook definition and inquiry in your own words)

b. What does research say about inquiry? (use at least three peer-reviewed

journals for references)

c. How does inquiry look in the classroom? (describe a scenerio/classroom set up

and what the teacher would do)

d. What are the challenges to using inquiry based teaching in the classroom? (use

at least two peer-reviewed journals different from the journals used for b)

e. Based on your current research and understanding of the term inquiry, what are

your thoughts about inquiry based teaching and learning?

Each section, “a” through “e”, is worth 20 points.

3. Make sure your paper flows.

4. Make sure you include a reference page.