Assignment, Creative writing

Project description
Read: Chen, “Unbending Conviction.”

In a two letter, write to someone interested in your cultural context (a professor, a friend, a professional in the industry) to interest him or her in the larger concern and implications you’ve discovered in your texts. Your goal is to convince them that in order to better understand your shared interests, they should read and understand these essays.

In your letter, bring together several passages or aspects from these essays, using them to illustrate, analyze, and reflect on what is provocative about each writer’s ways of thinking about these underlying concern to us all. Try to earn your letter recipient’s respect by using everyday language thoughtfully, by orienting her patiently to these texts, and by slowing down and lingering upon a fascinating aspect from each text
Also consider that your essayists might read this letter as well. Would they be proud of what you’ve written, and of how you’ve written it?

About the writing: Write first in the spirit of exploration. Let yourself experiment and have fun. Then you MUST reread and edit accordingly. Get rid of meaningless sentences, fix spelling and sentence errors, etc. In other words, leave yourself time to turn in an assignment you think represents the best of your writing abilities, in both technical and intellectual ways.

About the topic/context: Consider the unanswerable questions presented in the fourth paragraphs of the essay “The World’s Game,” questions in the topic of “Manchester United and World Soccer” which enables the rich conceptual conversation that develops between the authors. These tensions work as a bridge, if you will, between the topic and the ideas