At the Penn Museum, Black Bodies in Propaganda: The Art of the War Poster (ongoing).
Write a five-page paper that places your experience at one of these exhibitions or presentations in the context of our readings on the role of the University in Civic Life. Address two or more of the following issues: how the program disseminate knowledge to the community; whether it made use of the unique resources the university has to offer; how it would be viewed by the critics (traditionalist or activist) that Derek Bok cites in his book; whether the program helps justify the university’s tax exempt status; whether the event moves toward the kind of “participatory democracy” sought by Bensen, Harkavy and Puckett; how the event supports the university’s traditional roles of research or teaching; whether it provides any educational benefit to community members not affiliated with Penn; what if any economic benefit it offers; whether it lifts up any local institutions or artists; whether it follows any of the community-relations best practices cited by Hahn et al.