Auditing a website for cultural diversity: Apple


Order type: CourseworkSubject: SociologyAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: APA

Primary Dimensions Include:AgeGenderMental/Physical abilitiesRaceEthnic HeritageSexual OrientationSecondary Dimensions Include:Geographic LocationMilitary and Work ExperienceFamily StatusIncomeReligionFirst LanguageEducationOrganizational RoleLevel CommunicationWork StylesThen, the primary and secondary dimensions are those “diversity matters” that you are observing in that institution’s website. Does the website address issues related to age, race, gender, sexual orientation or those other primary dimensions? Does the website address those SOMEWHERE on its website? What about secondary dimensions? Does the website SOMEWHERE address military experience, religion and so on?This is important:I would say you are not researching a website regarding cultural diversity as much as you are researching an INSTITUTION or COMPANY or a CORPORATION and you are using that institution’s website as an EXAMPLE of its COMMUNICATION regarding cultural diversity. You are conducting a cultural diversity audit of the institution’s websiteWeek 4: Reference List and OutlineOutline and OrganizationOutline lists the main topics the project will cover and incorporates project guidelines and primary and secondary dimensions of diversity; outline is clearly written and well organized.Reference ListReference list contains at least four relevant scholarly/peer reviewed sources.FormattingSubmission is in correct APA format, including a numbered Title page with running head and a reference page that is double spaced, alphabetized and uses hanging indents. .(please don’t forget to do Cite all dates, statistics and facts from sources using parenthetical in-text citations)