Autobiographical essay

Essay 3
In a 4.5-page essay, please respond to the topic below. Your essay must be composed in formal essay
format and must include the following:
• a formal introduction,
• an analytical thesis located at the end of the introduction,
• a developed body of three supporting points that relate back and support your thesis,
• topic sentences that relate directly back to the thesis,
• transitions that connect your supporting points,
• original analysis/insight that examines your thesis,
• critical thinking terminology,
• a functional conclusion.
Topic (Taken from Thinking for Yourself, pg. 168):
Write an autobiographical essay of 4.5 typed pages (full pages) in which you show how you
discovered some of your value assumptions through a [conflict] with another person, your own culture, a
visited failure, or a newly adopted culture. Explain what the [conflict] [was] and explain how it resulted
from different value assumptions Chidden assumptions) that you may or may not have been aware of at
the time. Show how you were able to resolve or not resolve the conflict.