Awareness of Internet Security?

The University IS Team has for some time been concerned about the level of security of University Systems and has launched a number of

campaigns about such amongst students and staff. Besides these campaigns, there is also a wider concern about whether or not students are aware

of the vulnerability of some of the information stored on their mobile devices. The goal of this survey is therefore two-fold: to find out

students’ attitude to storing information and what measures they use to ensure their information is safe. Hence you are asked to develop a

questionnaire that can be sent round University of Edinburgh students to judge these aspects on behalf of the University’s IS Team.

1) A general overview of both positive and negative attitudes about release of information within the University;

2) An estimate of the proportion of students who may have positive attitudes;

and negative

3) An exploration of the methods students use to secure their mobile devices.

The IS Team requires that the findings should be representative in general of the University students that might have been affected, and

comparisons can be made by

• gender;

• programme of study;

• countries/regions of permanent residence.


A. To write a Research Proposal Report for the University’s IS Team, which should outline the following:

1) The target population and relevant segments within it (10 points).

2) The sampling method you plan to use with the sampling frame (where appropriate) and details of how this sample will be selected (15 points).

3) Method(s) of data collection (i.e. questionnaire/focus groups/in-depth interviews) (10 points).

4) Method(s) of administration (i.e. postal, face-to-face, telephone, e-mail, etc) (10 points).

Each of the above should include the justification of your choices.

B. Questionnaire (40 points). If an adopted research design involves several data collection methods/instruments, only one questionnaire should

be included, but the remaining data collection instruments should be described in the report, with comments made regarding the relationship

between all data collection instruments used.

Continued …

1 The Report should be no longer than 1000 words (excluding the questionnaire). The Questionnaire provided should be no longer than 4 pages in

length and should be contained within an appendix. Presentation of the questionnaire should be such that it could be used immediately, i.e.

professional presentation, question routing and response categories made clear etc., and care should be taken to ensure that the content

addresses all areas outlined in the research objectives. Additional 15 points will be given for presentation, credibility (the extent the

project is realistic) and logical cohesion (e.g., the suggested sampling method can be implemented with the proposed method of administration).

The ELECTRONIC file of the project should be submitted via Turnitin on Learn by 2.00pm on Wednesday 1 st November 2017. Please see the

Procedures for Coursework Submission in the Coursework folder on Learn. The project is to be completed as an individual piece of work. Please

note the policy on plagiarism and the penalties for late submission, which are posted on Learn.

You DO NOT have to collect any information with your questionnaire. Only a Report and copy of the Questionnaire are required for the

assignment. However, you may want to pilot your questionnaire on a friend.

PLEASE DO NOT approach any organisations in connection with this piece of work. The exercise is fictitious. If you wish to discuss please raise

with those teaching on the course.