Banqueting and conferences

The events industry has seen a shift in the last 10 years. While it was previously seen to form a part of the wider
hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism sectors this role has diminished and events has flourished as an industry in its
own right. Parts of the events are of course Conferencing and Banqueting which for many hotels is contributing as a
revenue generator. Therefore, for purpose of this assignment you are a Conference and Banqueting Manager for a
five star hotel located in London. The hotel is experiencing downturn in sales due to economic climate hitting UK and
the rest of the world. The owners are seeing the opportunity to improve revenues by focusing on Conference and
Banqueting Business. Therefore, you need to approach the following tasks to show the Owners your abilities to
increase sales.

Task 1
Discuss the size and scope of the conference and banqueting industry in the UK and briefly analyse factors that have
influenced its development. Consider socio-cultural; economic; political; technological; environmental; legal factors.
a) As a manager of C&B, Critically assess the key strategic and operational issues involved in the effective
management of C&B. Explain to your Owners things that needs considering such us pricing and packaging,
discounting initiatives, licensing laws, health and safety at work, hygiene regulations, religious and cultural
guidelines, etc. Also suggest the most appropriate occasions for your hotel such as: Weddings, birthdays or else
b) Discuss performance and quality review techniques that the hotel is using or can be used.