Beats Antique Event


The name of the event: Beats Antique
The City: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
For more information about the event go to this website:
beats antique is a famous group play music and dance, you can find their information and videos in the internet and youtube.
Please write a paper as I have attend the event, follow this instructure to write the paper:
Write a 5 paragraph response paper after attending an approved event in the genre of your choice. Your papers could include what you liked/disliked about the event, how it made you feel, or what impact it had on your life, your attitude towards the arts, or how you view the world. Describe specific details that explain why you feel the way you do. DO NOT TELL ME THE STORYLINE!
Papers should be submitted as a word document. Please include a header (name of event/type of genre/ your name/date of event). . Paper should follow the five (5) paragraph essay format with an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Points are given for following the format, not necessarily for the content within. Points will be deducted heavily for formatting issues.