Becoming a Registered Nurse


Case Study (1000 words)
The following assignment will allow you to reflect upon your clinical experiences throughout your course of study at the University of South Australia. You will be required to think back to your last clinical placement and select cases in which you were involved with the care or planning of care for the patient. Then select an aspect of care in which you felt you were either not yet able to best meet the needs of the patient or an aspect of your competence that you would like to further develop. The paper will require you to analyse that case, and present the central most relevant ANMC competency standard that applies to the aspect of patient care that you have chosen.
Next you will need to develop a learning objective designed to help you meet this competency standard in your future practice as a registered nurse.
This assessment provides you with the opportunity to:
1. Analyze a clinical case based on your clinical experience.
2. Identify an aspect of the care delivery and relate it directly to the idea of competency.
3. Explain how the care of the patient has or has not demonstrated your achievement of the competency standard you have outlined.
4. Demonstrate analytical skills supported by recent evidence based literature
5. Develop a learning objective designed to meet the requirements of your learning needs.
Introduction ( 150 words)
The introduction is where you ?set the scene?. You will need to:
Briefly introduce the case and outline the aspect of care that you will be discussing within the body of the paper.
Identify the key ANMC competency standard that relates to the aspect of care you have delivered.
Clearly state the purpose of this paper.
Body (700 words)
The Body of the paper is where you critically analyse the case. You will need to:
Critically analyse the aspect of the care that was delivered by you as outlined in the introduction.
Demonstrate whether you have been able to meet the key requirements of your chosen Competency statement.
You should construct a learning objective designed to meet the requirements of your learning needs
Conclusion ( 150 words)
The conclusion is where you ?sum up? the content of the paper. You will need to:
Restate in a shortened form what your report was about and what ideas were addressed within the body of the paper.
Note that no new information should be included in this section.
Reference List
A minimum of 10 references from refereed journals or textbooks should support the assignment (not including course material, ANMC competency guidelines or recommended sources of literature).
Compulsory References:
1). Fedoruk, M and Hofmeyer, A 2012, Becoming a Registered Nurse: Transition to Practice, 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, Australia.
2). Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia web page: and follow links to the
– Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse
– Code of Ethics
– Code of Professional Conduct
3). Peer reviewed journal articles