Bill and Joe’s relationship

View problem scenario A to learn more about Bill and Joe’s relationship.
The meeting between Bill and Joe did not go very well, and the Peninsula Hotel chain contract is in jeopardy. Despite their personal relationship, Bill is threatening to sign a contract with Joe’s competitor, Threads4U, because it is undercutting UWEAR’s price.

Joe is desperate to save the contract because the Peninsula Hotel chain contract accounts for over 50% of his territory’s sales—without them, his future with UWEAR is uncertain. He realizes that he needs to gain approval from his management team before he moves forward with any further contract negotiations with the Peninsula Hotel chain. Complete the following in a paper of 2–3 pages:

Who are the stakeholders in this situation?
What are the responsibilities of each stakeholder to the company?
Provide at least 4 ethical responsibilities for each stakeholder.
For each stakeholder, what would be the appropriate response to the situation?
What should Joe propose to the management team?
How should he support his proposal?