Biographical Sketch/Essay

Biographical Sketch/Essay for Kole Register for application to attend the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
It should be between 200 and 300 words – Must cover/include the following topics:

• Discuss reasons for wishing to attend the academy
o Love for the water
o Passion for engineering and engineering design
o Heart and desire to serve my country

• Discuss your curriculum preference at USMMA
o The Marine Engineering Systems program will be the perfect fit for me
o focuses on marine engineering design.
o I have always been curious to know how things function and I am always taking things apart to see how the work.

• Discuss the development of your career interest as a result of (hobbies, high school classes, activities)
o Calculus I and II and Physics have been my favorite classes
o My hobbies include: boating, fishing and surfing as well as working on cars and engines. I also do some welding.

• Explain any sailing experience, seaman’s experience and/or military experience
o Fishing and navigating the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean on a regular basis.
o Visiting and assisting at the Virginia Pilot Association located in my neighborhood.

• State your understanding and willingness to accept the service obligation upon graduation
o I understand that upon graduation I will be required to perform five years of MARAD-approved service/employment and maintain my USCG MMC

for six years. As well as maintain my reserve commission for eight years and submit annual reports to document this service.