Biography-type articles on book characters or book series

These are either characters from a book, or a book series. Without giving any major spoilers the article should serve to educate the user on the character or series and what it is about, and interest them in reading about that character or series. Write for the reader, not for the search engine. The author name is listed above this is just for your reference and is NOT a primary keyword. he keywords should generally include the word “series” a few times for example “Pendragon Series” or “Hunger Games Series”. Please use the following to construct the article: – 1-2 paragraphs with a brief biography on the author(s) of the series. – Biography on character and details on book series. – Section on a couple of the books featuring this character or within this series, and provide descriptions of 2 early books in the series to let the reader understand what the books are about. – If any of their books have been made into a TV show or movie, mention that. – Do NOT provide a list of all of the books in that series. That will be created by our database. – You can see any article at for examples of the content.