Design an A4 size poster using MS word or any other program you are familiar with.

With the purpose of generating awareness/education/important information about a drug, treatment, medical condition (may be under-diagnosed in certain groups) or a medical ethics issues. You can also use it to dispel myths about advertising based on research.

Employ the critiques discussed in class related to gender, medicalization, pharma marketing, clinical trials or medical malpractice.

Pick from issues outside of the class discussion e.g. bodybuilding steroids, lifestyle diseases and conditions, global public health, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer among others.

Key Elements of the Poster
Image: Select an appropriate image, not too abstract or literal. Something that complements the text.

Text: Bullet points about the drug, treatment, identity or medical condition, a punchline: question, statement, statistic or declaration. Something that interpellates the viewer/reader.

Information about contact, helpline number, website or address if you are offering a solution for instance would make it seem authentic.