These three should focus specifically on how technology has changed the way professional communicators do their jobs, and/or the skills that potential employers are looking for. Consider these questions to help you:
1) What specific tasks are done differently thanks to new technology?
2) How have the requirements of the profession changed because of technology?
3) What skills are employers now looking for that maybe they didn’t need in the past?

You are welcome to use journalism if you like, given that’s the focus of the text. However, I know that some of you are not in the journalism field, but in other communication professions instead. So feel free to go in a different direction such as public relations, marketing, and advertising. The important thing is that you stick to a communication-related profession.

You should have three individual posts that all address different aspects. It should not be three different posts all saying the same general thing. Make sure to differentiate them from one another. Also, make sure to check the rubric for requirements regarding number of sources, etc.