Boiler Room Reaction


Watch Boiler Room :


Answer the following questions in paragraph format, double spaced and with 1″ margins. . Late papers will be docked 5 points (25%). Be sure to save your paper in one of the following proper formats: Word (.doc or .docx), Open Office (.ods), PDF (.pdf), or plain text (.txt). Do NOT save in any other format (no Pages!). Uploading your paper in the wrong format will cause me to ask for a resubmission for you and it will be LATE.
1. What was the background of Seth Davis (played by Giovanni Ribisi) like in terms of his family, his life chances and his social status? Why does he not seem like a typical “street criminal” by does fit the bill for a white collar criminal?

2. How does Seth get involved in the White Collar Crimes committed at JT Marlin? What was his motivation for joining the firm (related to #1 above) and how did his peers like Greg (Nicky Katt) and Chris (Vin Diesel) teach and enable him to become a criminal? At what point in the film do you think Seth lost his entire moral compass and became a true white collar criminal?

3. Three crimes were very evident in Boiler Room: securities fraud, deceptive advertising and corruption of a government official. Give specific evidence from the movie where you saw these crimes being committed. Lack of specific scenes will cause you to lose points.