Book Name ( Crackpot by Adele Wiseman)


-There is some general subheadings to help the student think about topics as they relate to issues in the course.
-Please do not use secondary sources. Use MLA format for quotations
-( please choose one either 1 or 2 question under the subheadings/themes below to write the essay)
-( A very concise thesis is required and the arguments need to revolve around the thesis)
1) ?So they chewed up the back part of their minds and swallowed with relish. They made burning statements with questions, and killing tools out of laughs. It was mass cruelty. A mood come alive. Words walking without masters; walking altogether like harmony in a son.? (Hurston 2)
Discuss the power of words or storytelling as an issue in Crackpot. What does the writer want us to understand about words and language?
2) Construct an argument about trauma and healing in Crackpots.
Tips provided to us:
– We say an essay has an argument when it sets up an approach to a question, examines it, and reaches a conclusion about it.
-What you should not do is catalogue examples that illustrate a single, inert point.
– Keep your ideas moving forward, and always move toward greater depth and complexity. If you link your paragraphs with weak words like ?also, ?another,? and ?moreover,? this is an indication that you are merely adding points without advancing your argument. By contrast, linking-words like ?however,? nonetheless,? and ?in spite of? indicate that real thinking is taking place.
-For this particular essay, there are many things that can be said, it is important for you to get into your argument as quickly as possible.There is no time for an elaborate introduction.
– In your first sentence or two you should bring forward your thesis about the novel you have chosen.
-It is important for your essay to have a considered, forceful conclusion. What it should not have is a mechanical conclusion that simply reiterates the points that you have already made. That is a summary, not a conclusion. A good conclusion will consolidate your argument and push it forward a little, or perhaps give it a bit of a new twist.
Be sure to give your essay a title that points to its main thrust. Do not give your essay an
empty title like ?Essay Number One.?