Book Report

Paper instructions:
Paper instructions:

Select a children’s book, from the public library or your field placement school that examines differences such as but not limited to size, shape, color, languages, disabilities race, ethnicity, etc. You will write a book report, APA style, with a cover sheet, abstract, at least 4 pages of information, and reference page. The report must contain at least the following;

Part I
Create a New Cover
Copy or Photocopy Original Cover

Part II
The Book Facts
Author and or Illustrator such as but not limited to biography, awards
Book Facts, such as but not limited to when and why written, any awards, etc.
Summary of the book

Part III
Lesson Plan
Activity for Lesson Plan
Rubric for Activity

Also book report needs be presented to the class in a Power Point Presentation with at least six (6) not more than ten (10) slides.