Book Report/Review, English Literature (Classic and Modern)

This report asks you to examine Othello, written during the Renaissance and Reformation. You will then write a brief report about this work and its importance to history.
Project description
• Background information about the author(s) that answers the question: What
qualifies this person to write such a book?
• Background information about the influence that events of the period had on both
the author and the book itself. [Optional]
• A summary of the book, showing that you have read it. For a work of fiction, be
sure to highlight its major themes. For most non-fiction works discuss the book’s
central thesis and the arguments presented to support it. This section should not
make up more than half of your paper.
• Brief comments about what you thought about the book in general.
• Discussion about the impact that the work had on history. In doing so be sure to
answer the following question: Why is this book considered one of the most