Book Review Project


Black and Blue by Anna Quinlen
1.Identify one character (victim of domestic violence) who will be the focus of your paper.
2.Summary of plot?provide enough detail that a reader who has never read the book will understand the story line, but be concise and limit the description to a few paragraphs (limit to one page).
3.Identify and describe the type(s) of domestic violence in the book. Identify the victim and the abuser, specifying the relationship that exists between the two.
4.List and evaluate the symptoms the character is demonstrating, using your texts as resources.
5.Explain the domestic violence in the film from a systems perspective, drawing upon theories discussed in class and in your texts.
6.Identify any pivotal moments in the film where intervention made or might have made a difference for your character.
7.1. Identify a strategy for helping the character, grounded in research and theory mentioned in course materials. 2. Develop a comprehensive treatment plan.
3. Identify real resources that could help the character and describe how these resources would be helpful.