Bronze Mask from Sanxingdui

This is a description paper, so for the 10 pages, the introduction need to less than 3 pages, the description need to more than 3 pages, conclusion need to less than 1 page. The main part should be the description of the art which is the mask. No interpretation please. The topic is the bronze mask from Sanxingdui site in China. Focus on one main mask (you can pick the most significant one), descript it thoroughly. Please avoid any interpretation. If you are not familiar with the topic, please read the following book first, it?s really really useful. The Sanxingdui site: Art and archaeology, by Xu, Jay Jie, 2008, ISBN 054993362X I will upload it later. Please don?t write lots of comparison with the other bronze masks, the main point is description the art.
You still need to do some research, I need 8 sources in total.
Appendix, at least one image of the work under discussion.