Brother Of The Bride Speech Part 2

Ultimate Guide To Writing & Delivering A Great Wedding Speech Or Toast

Ultimate Guide to Writing & Delivering a Great Wedding Speech or Toast

Assignment writer a powerful speech that moves the audiences as well contains humor in the speech. Using articulated vocabulary words in the wedding speech.
Also adding Poem in the speech with be a nice touch.
The brother of the bride speech is to congrats my sister Dr. Melita Igbokwe and Brendan Broderick for meeting each other.
The brother speech has to be like President Obama speech that up lifts the people in the audiences with enjoy.
• Emotional
• Inspirations
• Optimistic
• Educations
• Memorial
• Important give respect to our ancestors and parents for all they have done for us. (Obama video helps with that content)
• Igbo into the speech
Brother of the bride wedding speech is one where a brother gives the positive traits of his sister.
I am the older brother (Lloyd) and I have two sister Melita & Olivia.
Melita is the middle sibling getting married and need a speech to tell the audience.
Our parents’ dad is from Nigeria (Dr. Ignatius) and mother from India (Debra)
Olivia Lloyd’s youngest sister.
The brother/siblings name is Lloyd (Mixed with Nigerian & Anglo Indian)
Bio – Melita/Brendan are dating for 1.5 plus year
– All 3 of us were born in Nigeria
– We lived in Indian for 6 years
– Melita & Olivia always competitor academicals
– I am the oldest and Melita brother that always try to bring younger sister back to center
– Like Melita both attended the same high school and university for their bachelor’s degree.
– Melita family driven wants Brady bunch family size and Brendan is expert in this area being the youngest of 6 kids.
– She enjoying hanging out with friends and family.
– Melita will go the extra mile to help anyone.
– She dreams big and work towards achieve those goals for her self
– She is all about uplifting people around her circle
– Brendan and Melita met thru online date site
– Brendan lucky guy to have Melita, because she loving, caring, smart and most important love Brendan for who he is.
– Melita work on a plan to make it happen
– I wish them all the best in their life together
– Always focus on each other happiness and support each other when set back occurs
– Always help anyone you can, because it makes life better
– Always make sure you’re the family around you are doing well and work towards growing that bond even more
– Never stop learning, traveling and exploring what life has to offer
– Congrats…
Melita education
– Rush University Medical Center
Residency , Internal Medicine
– Loyola University
Fellowship , Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine
– University of Texas Medical Branch
Medical School
Certifications & Licensure
• American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Critical Care Medicine
• American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Internal Medicine
• American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Pulmonary Disease
• IL State Medical License
Active through 2