. Business Environment


You are a member of a team of researches employed by the independent Supermarket Research (SR) organisation. SR carries out surveys and compiles statistics on a wide range of economic and business issues at the request of local supermarket businesses.
You have been asked to write an informal report outlining the recent changes in macro-economic environment. Use examples from recent supermarket news. Your report should include the following:
1. Assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on an organisation like SR and its activities.
2. Evaluate the impact of competition policy and regulatory mechanisms on an organisation of your own choice
3. Explain how market structures such as perfect competition, oligopoly and monopoly in practice determine the pricing and output decisions of a business.
4. Use a range of examples to illustrate the relationship between the market forces of supply and demand and organisational responses.
5. Using a PEST analysis, choose any supermarket organisation and explain how the business environment shapes it behaviour.
6. Discuss the importance of international trade to UK supermarket organisations.
7. Analyse the impact of global factors on UK supermarket organisations.
8. Evaluate the impact of three policies of the European Union on UK business organisations.