Business Processes


2128IBA – Business Processes


Term 1 2017 Final Assessment Task





PLEASE NOTE – Only answer three questions of your choice

(10 marks each – Total 30 marks)



For each short essay question there will be a limit of 600 words; this does not include your reference list, if you have any. You can use any style of referencing eg Harvard or APA, but please be consistent with the style that you choose. Please submit your responses to the short answer questions as a Word doc and use 12pt font.


Take care with your answers as these should be in your own words and should show deep knowledge of the subject matter including credible examples.







  1. How does the concept of Value Chain help organisations achieve competitive advantage?


  1. Explain the purpose of “Strategic Alignment”. Discuss its influence on business processes.


  1. What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring for business process management? What issues need to be considered as part of the decision on whether to outsource or not? Give examples.