Business Research Methods


Order type: EssaySubject: BusinessAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: Chicago

1. Find a current business problem, preferably in your discipline area, that requires research to understand and solve. You may use business articles such as the Financial Times, Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, Harvard Business Review etc. to identify an issue.The problem can be anything that interests you. Find academic articles that discuss the problem and write up the literature review drawing on these. You will be aiming to explain the problem, what do the researchers authors say about it? What are the causes? Effects? Did they conduct primary research? Research Method? What are the findings? How do these compare to those discussed in other articles? Limitations? Do they suggest directions for future research?2. Analyse the problem and develop propositions/hypotheses that need to be examined to address the problem.Based on the literature review and the suggestions for future research, can you identify propositions (more general) or specific hypotheses for a new study that are supported by the literature i.e. you have good reasons for the Ps.Evaluate a range of research methods and choose the approach that is best suited to the situation and justify why you have chosen this.Make a suitable suggestion for research based on your analysis and evaluation of the research methods discussed in your literatureDevelop a research action plan that details and explains the steps to be taken at each stage of the research process.You can develop a plan steps 1-10 or put it into a diagram.5. Your report should examine the importance of rigorous research and its application to industry. Length 1500-2000 words.You can discuss this point in the conclusionbody of reportAbstractIntroductionLiterature reviewMethodFindingsDiscussionConclusions, Recommendations and LimitationsReferencesAppendicesNote: The appendices should not be so extensive they “outweigh” the main body!