Business Strategy

Assessment Task: This assignment will build on the previous research into your John Lewis Company, where you presented the process of developing a strategy. As expanding in Europe and Arabian Gulf. E.g. Dubai and Oman.
For this assessment, each student will produce an individual report demonstrating how you will implement the strategy proposed in the first assessment. This can be:
• The launch of a new product
• Merger, Acquisition Or other direction as suggested by Ansoff’s Matrix or Bowman’s Clock; growth, diversification; competitive edge etc
Supported by Gun Chart with explanations controlling, monitoring staff and evaluations
Including working hours,
Prediction of Risk assessment for the company.
You are therefore required to submit a report to the company based on the following:-
1. Describe and discuss the reasons for the change in strategy proposed (this should be based on a range of models researched).
2. The identification and evaluation of the resources the company needs to develop this strategy e.g. with reference to your resources audit.
3. Key stakeholders you will need to communicate the strategy to and get their buy in.
4. You are required to describe four performance measures and apply to the company which will enable them to assess the success of the strategy.
5. In conclusion you are asked to evaluate the implications for the Manager in the implementation of the proposed change in strategy.