Business Studies

Complete an outline for a new academic paper that is the final written assignment . The outline body must have the following THREE sections:
•A definition of good decision making (based on a synthesis of research you conducted on published experts in decision making)
•One example of an important decision you made in the past and if that decision ended up being good or bad. Give an analysis on why you believe you made a good decision, based on your readings and information gathered in this course.
•Based on a synthesis of research you conduct, what are the things that one should consider before making a decision about the same important thing you did.
•Possible Important Decision Areas
A few of the possible examples of important decisions from which you could choose:
1.Returning to college to finish your MBA
2.Deciding to have or adopt a child
3.Moving to accept a new position
4.Making a mid-life career change
5.Deciding to quit your job without another job prospect
6.Starting a new business with your at-risk personal assets
7.Deciding to declare bankruptcy
8.Deciding to seek a divorce
9.Deciding to marry
10.Expatriation to a foreign country as a permanent resident
11.…any other major life-altering decision you made is accepted
•Week 4 – Outline Example
Example: Maybe the important decision you made was your deciding to quit your job. Your outline will have 3 sections.
The first section will include the definition of good decision making based on your research of experts…not your opinion.

The second section will be about your decision to go quit your job, how you went about making this decision and your analysis of how good or bad the decision ended up being.
The third section will include research you do in the library and online about considerations before deciding to quit a job. Use the Herzing library to find the many articles and research about this topic. NOTE: I am reading your paper as a person who is considering this decision for my own life. Is your paper giving me useful information? How informed do I believe I am after reading your paper? Was the paper organized and clearly presented? How helpful was your personal example of how you went about making the same decision?
Remember: This will be an outline and from it, you will then write your first draft that you will submit in week 5. Your outline should be well organized as your paper should follow this outline.

Note: All assignments submitted to the University should be in APA format. Your APA Manual, 6th Edition is the ultimate source… .However, the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) can be used to answer many of your formatting questions. The OWL information on completing an outline can be found here: Outline Components (Link embedded)
Citation for Outline Link:
Purdue University. (2015, February 11). Four Main Components of Effective Outlines. Retrieved from Online Writing Lab (OWL): The College Writer p6, pp 49-52